Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Amazing Animals: Built to Survive Traveling Exhibition

For this traveling exhibition on animals and their biomechanics, formerly known as the Machine Inside: Biomechanics, the goal was to create new artwork for the revised exhibition title Amazing Animals: Built to Survive. Having been shown at other science museums, the marketing team wanted to avoid any messaging conveying that there would be live animals in the exhibit. With the counter exhibition Build It! Nature utilizing Gotham rounded, we choose to stick with the same font family and used an architectural drawing feature on the type for BUILT. The artwork layers gridlike and blue print sketches over the animal figures to highlight how precise and inspiring biomimicry truly is.


Amazing Animals: Built to Survive Invitation

The goal was to create an invitation for the family-friendly VIP event. This invitation incorporates a playful envelope with the Gekko gecko presence, and then shows off the true nature of their velcro like feet by being printed on an Indigo press on Neenah Classic Crest Stipple paper. 


Amazing Animals: Built to Survive T-shirts

For the marketing of the traveling exhibition to be present onsite and offsite the Museum, the creative team designed all staff t-shirts. This 2 color front and back shirt shows off silhouettes of animals featured in the exhibition, with a highlight in a white sketchlike texture to showcase the "Built" idea of biomechanics. On the back of the shirt, pun filled "reviews" showcase how fun animals and their biomimicry really can be.


Amazing Animals: Built to Survive Billboards

For out of home signage, the Museum's logo brackets were incorporated to suggest a moment of science was happening as the biomechanic spring like cheetah made it's way accross to the exhibition title.